No other form of art has such a lasting and constant effect on the human spirit as architecture. From the time a human being is born, elements such as colors, forms and textures begin to be a part of a daily experience. With this belief, ARTchitecture realizes the importance and responsibility we have as architects to be able to recognize and utilize the necessary elements to create a beautiful and comfortable experience. Time and budgetary constraints become essential ingredients on every successful project and the number of satisfied clients is the best way to measure the success of our mission.


ARTchitecture's office is located in the historic FIVE POINTS area of El Paso and was built circa 1929 in an area that is being revitalized into professional offices. The building is 2000 square feet in size and houses the design staff of this highly aggressive and innovative design firm. The exterior of the building remains much the same as it looked 70 years ago, however the interior is a complete remake to showcase the firm's ideas and talents. A mix of color was introduced to add color and life to the simple layout required by 1920's building.